Youthreach in partnership with Indag Rubber Limited has launched a community development programme in Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh in 2014 called Project Chetna– Ek Nayi Seher. The CSR initiative successfully entered its fifth year of implementation in 2018-19.

The development activities under Project Chetna revolve around the following themes:


The project primarily aims to promote health and sanitation through awareness generation activities and delivery of various services to address the critical health issues, provide drainage and safe drinking water facilities in the area and address the problems of open defecation and bring about behavioral changes in the area of health, hygiene and sanitation for the community. It also focuses on actively working with the farmers through information dissemination on the government schemes, assistance for the procurement of subsidized machines and high yield variety seeds and training to enhance the agricultural produce. Further promotion of dairy farming as a source of income generation is also carried out through the setting up of a milk collection centre in the area and assistance in getting loans and veterinary services for the livestock.

Impact: Over 9000 individuals impacted across 20 villages in Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh through the initiatives under this Project.

Area Initiative Direct Beneficiaries
Wash Initiatives Construction of over 100 individual toilets 2000 community members
Construction of a toilet complex at a school 500 children
Soak pit construction 500  community members
Drinking water stations at schools 1200 children
Sanitation workshops 6000 community members
Health initiatives Organising Health Camps 1500 community members
Organising Diagnostic Camps 500  community members
Dairy Farming Formation of a Dairy Farming Society and setting up of a milk collection centre 150 active members
Agriculture Workshops for farmers 2000 farmers
Construction of vermi compost pits 500  community members
Information dissemination on government schemes 3000 farmers