courtesy © Pradip Krishen

courtesy © Pradip Krishen

Ever stopped to ask what would have happened had your family and friends not shared their resources, spaces and, indeed, their very life so you could flourish in yours? Or a rank stranger not volunteer to help when your car broke down in the middle of the road or shared with you a meal on a journey? What if you did not have ‘partners’ to lean on for support and share your successes and setbacks with?

Similar questions drove the inception of Youthreach in 1997 as a Delhi-based national non-profit organisation. Since then, we have envisioned volunteering, contributing and partnering as the very pillars of individual transformation that leads to larger positive social change.

Youthreach works primarily with underprivileged children and youth, environment and disability in the belief that each of us is a giver and receiver by turns and circumstance.

The core value that drives our work is the conviction that we as individuals are transformed when we give back to the community and environment from which we draw so abundantly.

about_2Over the years, Youthreach has driven the change by bridging parallel worlds of over 114 of our partner NGOs across six states and thousands of volunteers on the one hand. On the other, we engage with the corporates so that they can reach out in sensitive, positive ways to the NGOs and social spaces they wish to support. We do this by creating awareness through volunteerism, organising training workshops, putting together material donations and creating innovative platforms to bring the corporate and the NGO together.

  • Driven by a unified vision of effecting change through awareness and reflection, Youthreach has, through all its programmes, sought to identify the needs of its social milieu and build its own potential to meet these needs through primarily four programmes: CSR, Volunteer, Awareness, and Knowledge Bank

Our deep gratitude to the Khemka family as principal sponsors of Youthreach.