Youthreach in partnership with Indag Rubber Limited and Unipatch Rubber Limited has launched a community development programme at Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh. An extensive need assessment study was conducted in the area to assess the critical issues that required interventions for the overall development of the community. Post analysis, two separate projects were initiated for both the corporates. Project Chetna was launched for Indag Rubber Limited while Project Ujjwal was launched for Unipatch Rubber Limited in January 2015.

Under Project Chetna, issues of health, hygiene and sanitation are being targeted. Toilets are being constructed at individual homes and schools to tackle the problem of open defecation along with behaviour modification interventions to encourage people to use toilets. The construction is being carried out on a need basis in multiple phases and all the stakeholders and the households are being encouraged to be actively involved in the initiation and completion of the project at their village. Further awareness camps and health camps are being conducted with the help of the government hospital Nalagarh, anganwadi workers and ASHA workers to spread awareness on critical issues and to reach out to the people. Specialised camps and immunisation drives will also be conducted with the help of partner organisations in the future.

Under Project Ujjwal, digital literacy and vocational training are being targeted. A computer centre has been set up to provide easy and quality level computer education within the close proximity to all age groups. Further, Youthreach has collaborated with Government I.T.I Nalagarh, to initiate the OMNI Skill development programme in order to provide skill based education to the youth. Under this programme, youth from the less-privileged background who enrolled in the related motor mechanic trades at the I.T.I, will also be imparted technical skills related to the tyre technology. The programme aims to expose students to real life work situations, to equip them with the necessary skills that intensify their job acumen and to identify and motivate potential students for setting up small units and to lead them towards self-employment.