WorkshopBMC Trust, a non profit wing of Bijli Mills Corporation, Agra is spearheaded by trustee Mr. Rajeev Lal who is an entrepreneur, social worker and philanthropist. The trust has engaged in philanthropic activities since its inception in 1950. Over the years there have been a lot of societal changes in the city of Agra The emerging changes and arising needs of the community around propelled BMC Trust to work at a more professional level for strengthening the community and develop towards its full potential.
As a first step towards the initiative, BMC Trust has partnered with Youthreach, for incubation of their first Project, where Youthreach will be assisting BMC Trust in the development and implementation of the project, for launching the project, Youthreach will provide multiple skills and different form of support for initiating the project. The project will focusing on enhancing the employability and entrepreneurship skills of the youth and women, The project aims at providing youth employability training, vocational training and computer education. Youthreach will work as a facilitator for the initial setting up of the project and will be assisting in making local partnerships with people and organisations.